Wendi Dwyer’s life has been enriched and defined by the lessons she has learned from friends who have been displaced by war and genocide. These relationships led her to create a literacy program for women and girls in South Sudan called Literacy At The Well. To see this program in action click here.

While working to equip and empower South Sudanese citizens with literacy and language skills Dwyer was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. This genetic retinal disorder is continually causing her to lose more sight. Determined to remain independent and effective Dwyer used the skills needed to found a non governmental organization in one of the most volatile places on earth to create a plan to live her best life blind.

Dwyer’s experience as a newly single woman with children who were becoming adults while facing a health crisis is a familiar story. The way she has been prepared for these challenges by coming alongside friends who have had to flee everything they knew and loved is unique.

Wendi Dwyer continues to write, speak and produce in order to forward positive change. To learn about her work and accomplishments please explore the Hear, Watch and Read tabs above.

She is currently working on the following book projects:

Who Will I Be When I Get There?, this personal memoir is for anyone afraid of what lies ahead and how they will be changed by moving forward. Inspiration and insight shared by refugees help readers address their challenges and gain fortitude in the process.

Let’s Go Blind!, for anyone experiencing sight loss, and for the people who love them. Surprisingly useful information and practical advice for living ones’ best life with blindness.

When a Girl Can Read, is meant to be shared with new reader of all ages. This beginning reader book tells the story of Aman, the first Dinka girl to learn how to read and write. She grew up to be known as Amandit, Old Lady Peace. Her story is a testimony to the power of literacy and the legacy we begin when we teach someone how to read.

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