Wendi Dwyer’s work includes bi-weekly columns for the Daily Herald, regular contributions to Huffington Post, and various magazines. She has also written speeches and video scripts for presentations at the UN and UNESCO, as well as other international forums.

Wendi is currently working on three book projects.

Who Will I Be When I Get There?, this personal memoir is for anyone afraid of what lies ahead and how they will be changed by moving forward. Inspiration and insight shared by refugees help readers address their challenges and gain fortitude in the process.

Let’s Go Blind!, for anyone experiencing sight loss, and for the people who love them. Surprisingly useful information and practical advice for living ones’ best life with blindness.

When a Girl Can Read, is meant to be shared with new reader of all ages. This beginning reader book tells the story of Aman, the first Dinka girl to learn how to read and write. She grew up to be known as Amandit, Old Lady Peace. Her story is a testimony to the power of literacy and the legacy we begin when we teach someone how to read.

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